Sunday, 13 December 2015

Emulating a SSD Drive in VMware 5.x

Written by Suhas Savkoor

You can emulate a SSD disk from a non SSD hard disk.

Just a couple of steps:

Here, I have my Local Datastore, Suhas-Local-4 which is a VMFS-5 datastore and a Non-SSD drive.

Let's tag it.

Step 1:
Take a SSH(Putty) session to the host which has access to the datastore that you want to tag.

Run the command to see if the device is a SSD or not

You can find the name from the GUI; Devices option under Storage
Or you can right click the Datastore > Copy to clipboard and paste it in a notepad to obtain the device name.

The output is similar to this:

Step 2:
We need to add a SATP rule to the device that we want to tag as SSD.

The command is

Step 3:
Reboot the host.
Once the host is rebooted from the GUI you can see the datastore is now tagged as SSD

Verify the same from the command line using the command in Step 1

That's it. We have tagged our Non-SSD drive as a SSD disk.
You can now try configuring VFRC (vFlash Read Cache) without an actual SSD.


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