Sunday, 13 December 2015

Upgrading vCenter Appliance 5.x

Written by Suhas Savkoor

Upgrading vCenter Appliance is quite different when compared to upgrading your Windows based vCenter.
There are just a few steps to be performed and a lot to wait for the upgrade to be completed.

Currently, I have a 5.5 Update 3 vCenter and I will be updating it to 5.5 U3a

How to get here?

1. Open a browser and enter:

2. Login with root credentials
3. Click Update Tab and Select the Status sub-tab and expand the Details option.

Step 1:
  • Login to the host/vCenter hosting this vCenter Appliance virtual machine.
  • Right click the Appliance VM and select Open Console

  • Select the CD option in tool bar and CD/DVD Drive.
  • Since I have my 5.5 Update 3a ISO on the local drive, I will select the option Connect to ISO image on local disk
  • Browse to the datastore and select the ISO Image

Step 2:
  • Go back to the VCSA management page > Update
  • Click the Settings tab: Make sure that the Use CDROM Updates is chosen as we are using the ISO from local drive for upgrade.
  • Under Actions > Click Save Settings

Step 3:
  • Now the updates or on the CD and the Appliance is set to look for updates on it CDROM folder. 
  • Go back to Status Tab and click Check Updates
  • A task will run for a couple of seconds and a new Available Updates option is now seen
  • If you click the Details here, you can see what update is available. Here, since we mounted the 5.5 U3a update, we can see this in the available updates.
  • Click Install Updates

Step 4:

  • The update process can take from 90 minutes to 120 minutes. Do NOT reboot or Power OFF the appliance.
  • Reboot the machine ONLY after the update is complete. 

During the update process you can see this pop-up in the web management page.

After rebooting the appliance, you can see the new Version Under Appliance Version in Update Tab.
You can also open a console to the Appliance virtual machine and notice the updated Build Number.