Sunday, 13 December 2015

Upgrading vCenter Appliance 5.x

Written by Suhas Savkoor

Upgrading vCenter Appliance is quite different when compared to upgrading your Windows based vCenter.
There are just a few steps to be performed and a lot to wait for the upgrade to be completed.

Currently, I have a 5.5 Update 3 vCenter and I will be updating it to 5.5 U3a

How to get here?

1. Open a browser and enter:

2. Login with root credentials
3. Click Update Tab and Select the Status sub-tab and expand the Details option.

Step 1:
  • Login to the host/vCenter hosting this vCenter Appliance virtual machine.
  • Right click the Appliance VM and select Open Console

  • Select the CD option in tool bar and CD/DVD Drive.
  • Since I have my 5.5 Update 3a ISO on the local drive, I will select the option Connect to ISO image on local disk
  • Browse to the datastore and select the ISO Image

Step 2:
  • Go back to the VCSA management page > Update
  • Click the Settings tab: Make sure that the Use CDROM Updates is chosen as we are using the ISO from local drive for upgrade.
  • Under Actions > Click Save Settings

Step 3:
  • Now the updates or on the CD and the Appliance is set to look for updates on it CDROM folder. 
  • Go back to Status Tab and click Check Updates
  • A task will run for a couple of seconds and a new Available Updates option is now seen
  • If you click the Details here, you can see what update is available. Here, since we mounted the 5.5 U3a update, we can see this in the available updates.
  • Click Install Updates

Step 4:

  • The update process can take from 90 minutes to 120 minutes. Do NOT reboot or Power OFF the appliance.
  • Reboot the machine ONLY after the update is complete. 

During the update process you can see this pop-up in the web management page.

After rebooting the appliance, you can see the new Version Under Appliance Version in Update Tab.
You can also open a console to the Appliance virtual machine and notice the updated Build Number.


  1. What happens if you're in an environment where they have disabled your web browser and you can't change the settings to update using CDROM? I'm having this problem since I don't have internet access to where I'm performing the update nor do I have a web browser (secured area).
    I'm looking for the command have the update be performed with the ISO attached.
    Any help would be awesome.

    1. Unfortunately upgrade via command line is available only with 6.x. For 5.5 only the VAMI page is the option.