Monday, 1 February 2016

Upgrade: VCSA 6.0 External PSC to 6.0 U1

Written by Suhas Savkoor

In the previous article, we saw how to deploy a vCenter appliance 6.0 with an external PSC

In this article, a simple one, we will see how to upgrade this 6.0 GA appliance with external PSC to 6.0 U1. Since, 6.0 GA appliance does not have the Web GUI page for management, the patching and upgrading has to be done via command line. 

The upgrade process is very simple and similar to upgrading 6.0 appliance with embedded PSC.
I will not be attaching any screenshot to this, since it does not require any. 

Step 1:
Now, with an external PSC, you will have two virtual machines. One virtual machine is for a PSC (Platform Services Controller) and the other virtual machine is for vCenter Server. 
Now you have to mount the ISO on the vCenter Server virtual machine. If you try to mount the ISO on the PSC machine and run the upgrade command, it is going to fail.

Step 2:
Once the ISO is mounted to the vCenter machine, open a SSH (Putty) to this vCenter machine and login with root credentials. 
There is no requirement to open the bash shell. 
Once logged in to SSH simply run the below command to directly apply the patches to the appliance:
Command> software-packages install --iso --acceptEulas
This will apply the patches and once done, you need to reboot the appliance using the below command:
Command> ​shutdown reboot -r “Updated to vCenter Server 6.0 Update 1”

Step 3:
If you do not want to directly apply the patches (Step 2), but stage the patches first and then apply it, then there will be a different route that will be followed:

First, you need to stage patches using the below command:
Command> software-packages stage --iso --acceptEulas
Then you can review the staged patches:
Command> software-packages list --staged
Then you will have to apply these staged patches:
Command> software-packages install --staged
Finally, you will have to reboot the vCenter appliance:
Command> ​shutdown reboot -r “Updated to vCenter Server 6.0 Update 1”

Step 4:
Verify the update. 
From the SSH of the vCenter server enabled bash shell and then run the below command:
# vpxd -v
This will give you the build number of the appliance. Correlate this build number to the release version using this KB article.

Also, you can verify this by opening a browser and going to https://<vcenter_IP>:5480
Since this is 6.0 U1 you will now have access to VAMI page (Web GUI management page)


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