Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Client Integration Plugin 6.0 Not Working With IE 11 / Chrome 45 and above

Written by Suhas Savkoor

There are always issues regarding Client Integration Plugin not working as expected is logged with VMware. At least, I handle one on a weekly basis. 

The main thing what happens here is, you download and install CIP from the download option you see at the bottom when you open a Web Client session. Once the installation wizard starts, you close out all the browser sessions and complete the install. After the installation, you open up a browser and you still see the download CIP message and the Use Windows Session Credentials is grayed out, always!

There are couple of steps that we take into account before we proceed with the troubleshooting. Go through and validate all the steps. (If I find any more workarounds, I will update this article)
Since, CIP is based on each workstation where web client is accessed from, this has to be checked on each of the machines

1. If there is UAC enabled on the Windows machine from where you are accessing web client, disable it
2. Check if the below entry is there in host file on the same machine. vmware-localhost 
::1 vmware-localhost 

3. Open the task manager, if you find vmware-csd.exe, kill this process and continue with Step 4 
4. Uninstall Client Integration Plugin from Control Panel. 
5. Re-install by using the download link from this KB article here

Once the plugin is reinstalled, follow the below steps:

1. On the required browser, clear the cache/cookies
2. In Chrome / IE 11 add the https://vcenter_FQDN:9443 (Web Client URL) in the trusted site list.
3. Refresh the browser and open web client again. 

If the Client integration plugin still does not work, then:

1. In IE 11 change the trusted site exception to Local Intranet (For the same vCenter FQDN)
2. In Chrome add the exception to the Plugin as well (All options are in settings and advanced settings of chrome)
3. Refresh the browser and load the web client again

If it still fails, then implement the above 2 sections (adding exception and clearing browser cache) with vCenter IP as well along with FQDN. 

Even after all this, if it still fails, please contact VMware Support, and maybe me or someone else will get to further troubleshooting. 



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