Monday, 28 March 2016

Deploying External Proxy for VDP

Written by Suhas Savkoor

With VDP, you get 8 internal proxy by default. Using this, you can backup up to 8 VMs concurrently. 
The moment you configure an external proxy for the VDP, the internal proxy is disabled. So with external proxies you can deploy up to 8 external proxy VM. And each external proxy again supports up to 8 concurrent backups. However, with for example 2 external proxies, you can have 16 concurrent backups. This does not mean that we go ahead and deploy all 8 external proxies and have 64 backups running concurrently. This will have a huge performance impact on your environment. Hence, choose the external proxies as required based on your environment. 

To deploy an external proxy:

1. Login to your VDP management page.

2. Click the Gear icon on the Proxy row and select Add External Proxy

2. Provide the host where this proxy virtual machine should reside, the storage and the network. Please provide a Standard vSwitch Port Group and make sure the underlying ESXi host has 4 CPU cores. If it is deployed on a DVS or on a host less than 4 CPUs, then you will run into the error "VDP: Failed to find CIM service on VM Image Proxy"

3. Enter the network configuration details for the proxy virtual machine

4. Enter the name for the proxy virtual machine

5. Click Finish and wait for the deployment to be completed. You will come across the following message for a successful deployment. 

Click Close and now under the proxy list, you will see the external proxy in a working status. 

To delete an external proxy:

1. Click the gear icon again and select Manage Proxies. Check Review information and proceed to remove the proxy.

Now, once the external proxy is removed the internal proxy is not enabled automatically. We will have to perform this step manually. Click the gear icon again and select Enable internal proxy

Check box the Enable internal proxy and click Finish.

The proxy status will be in warning state. Refresh the proxy using the refresh button next to it in about 5-10 minutes and we should be good to go. 


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