Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Cannot Open vdp-configure Page Or Check Status of VDP Services

So when you try to open the :8543/vdp-configure page you will receive the message:

"This site can't be reached. ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED"

When you open SSH to this VDP appliance and check the status of the services, this will also throw up an error. Run the below command to check the VDP service status:
root@vdp:~/#: dpnctl status
The error you will receive is:

mkdtemp: private socket dir: No space left on device.

I tried to run the command to start the webservices, which is:
root@vdp:~/#: emwebapp.sh --start
Which also failed with an error:

Waiting for postmaster to start ...........Failed to connect DBI:Pg:dbname=postgres;port=5558.ERROR: Failed to start the database.

I ran the below command to check the space on the VDP appliance partition.
root@vdp:~/#: df -h
Here the output I noticed the partition, /dev/sda2 was at 100 percent used.

Run the below command to list directories within each other with largest used space:
root@vdp:~/#: du -h --max-depth=1 <directory>
Upon performing this, I found the below directory occupying nearly 40 percent of space on sda2
root@vdp:~/#: /usr/local/avamar-tomcat-7.0.42/logs
Removed all the old log files from this directory.

Also, if the space does not change even when the logs from the above directory is removed, then you need to check the following directory:
You will see a logbundle.zip file which is a manually generated log file. You can go ahead and remove this log.zip file. Do not remove any other file in this directory.

Prior to removing the logs, stop the VDP services using the below command:
root@vdp:~/#: dpnctl stop
However, this command also failed due to unavailable space. If this occurs, go ahead and remove the files without stopping the service. I risked this, however, the log files cleared out and space was freed and I was able to start the web services for VDP and login to the GUI of the appliance.



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