Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Changing DNS for VDP 6.1.2 post deployment.

Short article for a quick reference to update the DNS name for VDP appliance. While working on a case today I had to change the DNS name from vdp.vapp.local to vdpnew.vapp.local

From the below screenshots, you can see that the "hostname" from VDP appliance console shows the original DNS for the appliance.

The ping to the DNS resolves to the current IP of the appliance.

Now, to update this record:

1. Update the DNS record from your DNS manager. 

2. Now login to the vdp configure page which can be found at the below location:

3. Here under the host-name section we will see the old VDP appliance DNS entry. This has to be updated. Click the gear icon and select Network Settings.

4. You will come across the above screen and update the host-name section with the new host-name that was given for the appliance and click Next and Finish. 

5. Restart the Guest for VDP appliance and we should be good to go from there. 

You can now see the updated DNS for VDP.

That's it!


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