Monday, 4 April 2016

Unable To Register VDP to vCenter in the vdp-configure Page

After deploying the OVF template for a new VDP appliance, we will have to go to the vdp-configure page to get the appliance configured to the vCenter.

Here, in the vCenter registration page, after entering the username, vCenter details and try to test connection, you run into the below error.

"Unable to verify vCenter listening on specified HTTP Port. Please re-check values and try again"

So, here I was trying to configure VDP appliance with a port number of 80 for http and 443 for https.

However, the vCenter is running on a custom port of 81 and 444.

You can login to your vCenter, 6.0, Select the Administration tab > vCenter Server Settings > Advanced Settings.

Here there are two parameters which talks about your vCenter ports. They are:

config.vpxd.rhttpproxy.httpsport 443
config.vpxd.rhttpproxy.httpport 80

443 and 80 are the default ports. If they are different, then we are using custom ports and we need top open this port on the VDP appliance firewall.

You can use telnet to check the connection between the appliance and vCenter.
Run the command from the SSH of the appliance
telnet <server_IP> <port_number>

To perform this:
1. Open a SSH to the VDP appliance.
2. Change your directory to:
#: cd /etc/
3. Open the file "firewall.base" in a vi editor
4. Locate the line:
exec_rule -A OUTPUT -p tcp -m multiport --dport 53,80
5. Add your custom http and https port value here and save the file.
6. Restart the firewall service using the following commands:
#: service avfirewall stop
#: service avfirewall start

Register the appliance again and make sure you give the custom ports in the http and https field during configuration.

That's it!


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