Thursday, 7 April 2016

VDP CLI Commands

Here is a set of commands for various operations that you can perform from the SSH of the VDP appliance. I will update this article as I come across new commands.

dpnctl status all
//Shows output of all the services of the VDP appliance.

//Sample output:

dpnctl: INFO: gsan status: up
dpnctl: INFO: MCS status: up.
dpnctl: INFO: emt status: up.
dpnctl: INFO: Backup scheduler status: up.
dpnctl: INFO: axionfs status: down.
dpnctl: INFO: Maintenance windows scheduler status: enabled.
dpnctl: INFO: Unattended startup status: enabled.
dpnctl: INFO: avinstaller status: up.
dpnctl: INFO: [see log file "/usr/local/avamar/var/log/dpnctl.log"]

//Shows appliance access, status, last checkpoint, last hfs check and deduplication space reports.

//Sample output

Thu Apr  7 20:02:17 IST 2016  [vdp.vcloud.local] Thu Apr  7 14:32:17 2016 UTC (Initialized Mon Apr  4 18:47:03 2016 UTC)
Node   IP Address     Version   State   Runlevel  Srvr+Root+User Dis Suspend Load UsedMB Errlen  %Full   Percent Full and Stripe Status by Disk
0.0  7.2.80-94  ONLINE fullaccess mhpu+0hpu+0hpu   1 false   0.38 3420   102774   0.6%   0%(onl:13 )  0%(onl:12 )  0%(onl:12 )
Srvr+Root+User Modes = migrate + hfswriteable + persistwriteable + useraccntwriteable

System ID: 1459795623@00:50:56:B9:6B:3C

All reported states=(ONLINE), runlevels=(fullaccess), modes=(mhpu+0hpu+0hpu)
System-Status: ok
Access-Status: full

Last checkpoint: cp.20160407033314 finished Thu Apr  7 09:03:33 2016 after 00m 19s (OK)
Last GC: finished Thu Apr  7 08:00:39 2016 after 00m 16s >> recovered 64.05 MB (OK)
Last hfscheck: finished Thu Apr  7 09:03:05 2016 after 02m 01s >> checked 32 of 32 stripes (OK)

Maintenance windows scheduler capacity profile is active.
  The backup window is currently running.
  Next backup window start time: Fri Apr  8 20:00:00 2016 IST
  Next maintenance window start time: Fri Apr  8 08:00:00 2016 IST
//Shows change of data for the list of backed up VMs and a list of top 3 high change VMs in backup jobs.

//Sample output

Date          New Data #BU       Removed #GC    Net Change
----------  ---------- -----  ---------- -----  ----------
2016-04-04     1047 mb 1            0 mb           1047 mb
2016-04-05     3311 mb 4            0 mb 1         3311 mb
----------  ---------- -----  ---------- -----  ----------
Average        2179 mb              0 mb           2179 mb

Top 3 High Change Clients:
Total for all clients                     4358 mb      100.0%
  Windows_2008_UDmaxWmHw0pC0PB5bXgAKg       3306 mb       75.8%
  CentOS7_UDlmW0iZnAAWleQvAdTtog          1052 mb       24.2%

mccli activity show
//Shows status of running backup jobs.

//Sample output

ID               Status  Error Code Start Time           Elapsed     End Time             Type             Progress Bytes New Bytes Client       Domain
---------------- ------- ---------- -------------------- ----------- -------------------- ---------------- -------------- --------- ------------ ----------------------------
9146003975305509 Running 0          2016-04-07 20:05 IST 00h:00m:16s 2016-04-08 20:05 IST On-Demand Backup 0 bytes        0%        Windows 2008 /

mccli activity get-log --id=XXXXXXXXXX
//Shows the logs for the backup job for the backup ID. Backup ID can be found from the mccli activity show

mccli activity cancel --id=XXXXXXXXXX
//To cancel the actively running backup job.

//Sample output

0,22205,Backup cancelled via console
Attribute   Value
----------- ----------------
activity-id 9146003975305509

mccli client show --recursive=true
//Show the registered clients with the VDP.

//Sample output
Client           Domain                       Client Type
---------------- ---------------------------- ------------------------------------
Windows 2008     / Virtual Machine      /                 vCenter
vdp.vcloud.local /clients                     VMware Image Proxy with Guest Backup

mccli backup show --name=/vCenter/VirtualMachines/VirtualMachine_Name --recursive=true
//Shows the successful backup and the restore point created for the same.

//Sample Command
 mccli backup show --name=/ --recursive=true

//Sample Output
Created                 LabelNum Size    Retention Hostname         Location
----------------------- -------- ------- --------- ---------------- --------
2016-04-07 20:31:34 IST 1        16.0 GB DWMY      vdp.vcloud.local Local

mccli client backup-dataset --name=VM_NAME --domain=/VM/DOMAIN
//To start backup of a VM from command line.

//Sample Command:
mccli client backup-dataset --name="Windows 2008" --domain=/

//Sample output

Attribute   Value
----------- -----------------------------------------
client      / 2008
activity-id 9146004043408409
dataset     /VMware Image Dataset

//Shows the checkpoint for the appliance. Valid and Not validated checkpoint

//Sample output

cp.20160407033040 Thu Apr  7 09:00:40 2016   valid rol ---  nodes   1/1 stripes     37
cp.20160407033314 Thu Apr  7 09:03:14 2016   valid --- ---  nodes   1/1 stripes     37

mccli server show-prop
//Shows VDP details. Useful if you cannot connect to VDP from the web client

//Sample output

Attribute                        Value
-------------------------------- ----------------------------
State                            Full Access
Active sessions                  1
Total capacity                   575.9 GB
Capacity used                    5.3 GB
Server utilization               0.9%
Bytes protected                  0 bytes
Bytes protected quota            Not configured
License expiration               Never
Time since Server initialization 2 days 20h:04m
Last checkpoint                  2016-04-07 09:03:14 IST
Last validated checkpoint        2016-04-07 09:00:40 IST
System Name                      vdp.vcloud.local

mccli server show-services
//Another command to check service status

//Sample output

Name                               Status
---------------------------------- ---------------------------
Hostname                           vdp.vcloud.local
IP Address               
Load Average                       0.31
Last Administrator Datastore Flush 2016-04-07 19:45:00 IST
PostgreSQL database                Running
Web Services                       Error
Web Restore Disk Space Available   266,182,888K
Login Manager                      Running
snmp sub-agent                     Disabled
ConnectEMC                         Disabled
snmp daemon                        Disabled
ssh daemon                         Running
Data Domain SNMP Manager           Not Running
Remote Backup Manager Service      Running
RabbitMQ                           Not Running
Replication cron job               Not Running
/                       All vCenter connections OK. --restart / --stop / --start
//Command to restart tomcat service for VDP. If this service is stopped you cannot connect VDP to Web Client or access VDP GUI page on 8543.

//Sample successful start

INFO: Copying CST libs to tomcat
Administrator Server is not running.
Starting the database server.
Waiting for postmaster to start ...Started
No script specified

Database server is still running...
Starting tomcat
Using CATALINA_BASE:   /usr/local/avamar-tomcat
Using CATALINA_HOME:   /usr/local/avamar-tomcat
Using CATALINA_TMPDIR: /usr/local/avamar-tomcat/temp
Using JRE_HOME:        /usr/java/latest
Using CLASSPATH:       /usr/local/avamar-tomcat/bin/bootstrap.jar:/usr/local/avamar-tomcat/bin/tomcat-juli.jar
Using CATALINA_PID:    /usr/local/avamar-tomcat/
Tomcat started.

dpnctl start gsan / mcs / axionfs
//Start each of the services individually

avmaint hfscheck --ava --full
//To run a full integrity check on your VDP appliance

//Sample successful output 


avmaint hfscheckstatus --ava
//To check hfscheck status. This tells the last cp that was created during the integrity check and the status.

//Sample output