Friday, 20 May 2016

Fatal Error While Creating Storage For A New VDP Appliance Deployment

After you deploy the ova template for VDP we need to configure the VDP appliance from the vdp-configure page. During the storage configuration, I had chosen about 8 TB of storage for the VDP and during the configuration progress, the setup encountered a Fatal Error. The exact message and the screenshot is:

“A fatal error occurred during the storage configuration and the appliance is unrecoverable. This could be due to the datastore not having enough free space, does not support the required VMDK size, or is in inactive state. Please check the vCenter Tasks pane for the exact error and redeploy a new VDP appliance”

Couple of pre-checks:

1. Make sure the destination VMFS / NFS datastore has sufficient space to accommodate the selected VDP data storage disks. 
2. If we are using VMFS datastore, make sure that the block size for the VMFS datastore supports the VMDK size being created on it
3. Then lastly, check for the permissions for the user that the VDP is being registered to vCenter with, also called as VDP user. The user should have disk create role, or best yet, administrator role. 

So, I used a domain user with administrator privilege or you can also use the SSO user to get the VDP appliance to registered to the vCenter server. 

The disk creation completed successfully and I was able to continue to use the VDP appliance. 


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