Friday, 13 May 2016

VDP Backup Job Not Appearing In Recent Tasks

This is going to be a small article for few issues that I worked on recently. When you login to vSphere Web Client and run a backup job, the task progress does not show up under the "Recent Tasks" pane. When you login to vSphere Windows client, you can see the Create Snapshot and VDP backup job task. And in Web Client, when you click the Tasks section on the left hand side, you can see this task. 

This was the situation when my VDP user (The user with which I configured my VDP to vCenter) was different to the user that I had currently logged into web client with. 

The VDP user that I have configured is vsphere.local\Suhas and the user that I was logged in was vsphere.local\Administrator (Single Sign On user)

You cans see the user with which VDP is registered below:

Next, we will login to web client with the user that the VDP was registered to vCenter with, which is, vsphere.local\Suhas. And once logged in, I started another backup job and this time I can see the task in the "Recent tasks" pane. See screenshot below:

The resolution is simple, really simple. When you are logged in with a different user when compared to the user with which the VDP is registered with, Under the Recent Tasks pane, you have a drop-down which reads, My Tasks. Click this drop-down and select All Tasks, now you can see all the VDP backup tasks. See the screenshot below for the different user (SSO user)

That's it, really!


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