Thursday, 2 June 2016

Unable To Add A Client To A Backup Job In VDP: Already Registered

So today I was working on a case where a vCenter virtual machine and a PSC virtual machine were added to a backup job. One fine day, the PSC machine started behaving weirdly and had to be discarded. So the end solution was to re-deploy the PSC machine completely. The name of the faulty PSC machine was XYZ. This was renamed to XYZ-Old and a new PSC was deployed with the same old name, XYZ. 

The vCenter was back up and running good now. So, we went to the web client and connected to the VDP plugin and discarded the old backup job. So now, the backup tab had no backup jobs at all. Then, we went ahead and created a new backup job and added the new PSC machine, XYZ to this and clicked Finish. The screen grayed out for few seconds and the task finished with an error stating:

Backup job was created successfully, but the system failed to add the following clients to the job. ERROR: Host Named (<host-name>) is already registered as........

Why this is caused:

It is saying that the PSC, XYZ is already registered because it still had the old machine entry in the protected client list in the VDP backup client domain. This stale entry was preventing us to add the new machine with the old name, even though the old PSC machine was renamed and the backup job corresponding to it was removed. 

The solution:

1. Open a SSH to the VDP appliance and run the below command:
mccli client show --recursive

This will show all the protected clients associated with this VDP appliance.
Here I noticed that the XYZ PSC machine entry was still present. I need to remove this stale entry.

2. Run the below command to retire that VM from the protected list 
mccli client retire --domain=/vCenter-IP/VirtualMachines --name="VM-Name"

You will receive an output saying virtual machine is retired successfully. 
Once this was done, we went ahead and added the XYZ PSC virtual machine to the backup job successfully. 

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