Friday, 15 July 2016

Web Client Login Page Displays vRA or vCAC As The Banner Name

So in 6.0, you should have VMware vCenter Single Sign On as the Web Client banner page login name. However, if you apply the Branding Name for the vRA appliance the web client banner display gets renamed. In some cases, the change occurs even when the branding is not selected. This is a bug in vRA and is discussed in this link here.

Now I am not a vRA guy and that is left to the handful in my organization. However, the case where I worked on was something similar:

Customer had 5.5 vCenter with vCAC installed. The vCAC was discarded and the vCenter was upgraded to 6.0. When he logged in to web client, instead of the Single Sign On banner it displayed vCloud Automation Center. This was indeed confusing and needed a fix.

Upon installation of vRA/vCAC the parameter vmwSTSBrandName gets populated with the banner image information for the vRA. Upon removal of this product this parameter is not cleared leading to the issue. This had to be removed from the vmdir for all the tenants present under the Identity Manager.

Before you perform the workaround, please have a snapshot and/or a backup of the vCenter machine.

1. Download Jxplorer by clicking this link here
2. Login to the PSC machine from Jxplorer using this link here
3. Expand Services > Identity Manager > Tenants
4. Click the tenant and switch to Table Editor View
5. In the table editor view, locate the filed called vmwSTSBrandName. This will be populated with a value as displayed in the below screenshot

4. Right click this attribute and select Delete.
5. Click Submit
6. If this is a Windows Server go to services.msc and restart the VMware STS Service. If it requests to restart the dependent services, click Ok.
7. If it is an appliance restart the STS identity manager service using the below commad:
# service vmware-sts-idmd restart
8. Reload the web client page. Once the vmwSTSBrandName attribute is empty it will display VMware vCenter Single Sign On by default.


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