Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Avigui.html Shows Err_Connection_Refused in Avamar Virtual Edition 7.1

Recently I started deploying and testing the EMC Avamar Virtual Edition, and one of the first issue I ran into was with the configuration. The deployment of the appliance is pretty simple. The Avamar virtual edition 7.1 is a 7zip file, which when extracted provides the ovf file. Using the deploy ovf template option I was able to get this appliance deployed. Post this, as per the installation guide of AVE (Avamar Virtual Edition), I added the data drives, configured the networking for this appliance and rebooted post a successful configuration. 

However, when trying to access the https://avamar-IP:8543/avi/avigui.html, I received the Err_Connection_Closed message. No matter what I tried I was unable to get into the actual configuration GUI to initialize the services. 

Looks like there are couple of steps I had to run. There is a package called AviInstaller.pl which is responsible for package installations. So, this had to be installed. To do this, SSH into the avamar appliance as root and password as changeme and browse the below directory:
# cd /usr/local/avamar/src/
Run the aviInstaller bootstrap with the below command:
# ./avinstaller-bootstrap-version.sles11_64.x86_64.run

Once this runs, log back into the same avigui.html URL and we should be able to see the below login screen.
That's pretty much it.


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