Friday, 11 November 2016

VDP / EMC Avamar Console: Login Incorrect Before Entering Password

Today while force simulating failed root login attempts I ran into an issue. So, I had a VDP 6.1.2 appliance installed and opened a console to this. Upon requesting for the "root" credentials, I simply went ahead and entered wrong password multiple times. Then, at one point of time, as soon as I enter "root" for VDP login, it complained Login Incorrect.

Even before entering the password the login was failing. If I SSH into the appliance, I was able to access the VDP. If I use admin to login to VDP either via console or SSH it works and I can sudo to root from there.

From messages.log the following was recorded during incorrect root login from the VM Console:

Nov  6 09:58:40 vdp58 login[26056]: FAILED LOGIN 1 FROM /dev/tty2 FOR root, Authentication failure

If I run which terminal I am on in the SSH of the VDP using the # tty command, I saw that the terminal used was /dev/pts/0
And when I logged into VDP as admin and sudo to root and checked for the terminal name, as expected, it was /dev/tty2

The Fix:

1. Change your directory to:
# cd /etc
2. Edit the securetty file using vi
# vi securetty
The contents of this file was "console" and "tty1"
Go ahead and add the terminal which you are trying to access the root user for the appliance from, in my case tty2, and save the file.

Post this, I was able to login as root from the VDP console.

Also, applies to EMC Avamar Virtual Edition.


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