Thursday, 8 December 2016

Unable To Expand VDP Storage: There Are Incorrect Number Of Disks Associated With VDP Appliance

There have been few cases where I have been working on lately where there were issues expanding data storage on VDP appliance. In the vdp-configure page if you select the Expand Storage in the Storage section, you receive the error:

VDP: There are incorrect number of disks associated with VDP appliance.

This is due to incorrect update for numberOfDisk parameter in the vdr-configuration.xml file. This file should be updated if any changes are made to the VDP in the configuration page, which includes the deployment and expansion tasks. 

In my case, I had a 512 GB deployment of VDP, this creates 3 data0? partitions of 256 GB each. Which means the numberOfDisk parameter should be 3. However, in the vdr-configuration.xml file, the value was 2. Below is the snippet:


To fix this, edit the vdr-configuration.xml file located in /usr/local/vdr/etc and change this parameter to the number of data drives (do not include the OS drive) present on your VDP appliance. In my case the total number of data drives were 3. 

Save the file after editing, and re-run the expand storage task and this error should not be presented again.

Hope this helps.


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