Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Avamar Virtual Edition 7.1: Failed To Communicate To vCenter During Client Registration

Once you setup your Avamar Server, you will proceed to add the VMware vCenter as a client to this. You will provide the vCenter IP/FQDN along with the administrator user credentials and the default https port 443. However, it errors out stating:

Failed to communicate to vCenter. Unable to find valid certification path to the vCenter. 

The error is due to Avamar not being able to acknowledge the VMware vCenter certificate warning. To do this, we will have to force the avamar to accept the vCenter certificate. 

Login to SSH of the Avamar Server and edit the mcserver.xml file:
# vi /usr/local/avamar/var/mc/server_data/prefs/mcserver.xml

Locate the vcenter certificate ignore parameter by searching for /cert in the vi editor. You will notice the below line.

Change this value from false to true and save the file.

Change the access to admin mode using sudo su - admin and run the below script to restart MCS.
# mcserver.sh --restart

Post this, you should be able to add this vCenter as a client to avamar successfully

That should be it.

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