Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Part 2: Pairing Sites in Site Recovery Manager 6.1

Part 1: Installing Site Recovery Manager

In this article we will see how to pair the two SRM sites we installed previously. So if you see here, I have two SRM sites, Production and a DR site. Soon after a fresh install these sites will not be paired and you will see the message "Site is not paired" for both the Production and Recovery Site. In order for failover to take place the Site needs to be paired. Click the option Pair Site in the center screen.

Enter the Platform Services Controller of the DR site and click Next.

The SRM plugin extension would be com.vmware.vcDr unless you chose to create a custom Plugin ID during install. Once the PSC detail is given in previous step, the vCenter corresponding to it will be populated automatically. Select the vCenter and provide the SSO user credentials for authentication and click Finish.

If you are presented with a certificate warning, click Yes to proceed. The pairing should now be completed.

Now, you can see the Sites have been paired from the Summary tab. And also the paired site details will be populated in the "Paired Site" section.

That's it.

Part 3: Configuring Inventory Mappings in SRM 6.1


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