Sunday, 8 January 2017

Part 4: Creating Virtual Machine Protection Groups In SRM 6.1

Part 3: Configuring Inventory Mappings in SRM 6.1

Once you configure inventory mappings, you will then have to configure protection groups. In protection group you will add the required virtual machines to be failed over by SRM in case of a disaster event.

Select the protected site and in the Summary tab under Guide to configuring SRM click Create a protection group.

Specify a name for this protection group that you will be creating and a description (not mandatory)

You will get to choose the direction for the protection group and the protection group type. In this, vcenter-prod is my production site and vcenter-dr is my recovery site.

I am using a vSphere Replication appliance, host based replication appliance, hence the replication group type would be vSphere Replication so that we can choose the VMs being replicated by this.
You cannot have vR and array-based replication VMs in the same protection group.

I have one virtual machine being replicate by vR. Check the required virtual machine and click Next.

Review the settings and click Finish to complete creating the protection group.

Under the production site, Related Objects, Protection Groups, you will be able to see the protection group listed.

Under the Protection Group option in the SRM inventory, you will see the same protection group listed.

And now in the recovery site, under the Recovered resource pool (selected during Inventory Mapping) you will be able to see the placeholder virtual machine.

With this, we have successfully created a protection group for virtual machines.

Part 5: Creating Recovery Plan in SRM 6.1


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