Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Unable To Reinstall SRM With Existing Database "The selected vCenter server does not match the one used in the previous installation"

There are scenarios where you will have to reinstall a vCenter site. When a vCenter site is reinstalled the SRM solution connected to it has to be reinstalled. The reinstall is usually done with an existing database is because you would like to save your protection groups and recovery plans without the need to recreate them all. However, this reinstall with existing database would fail with the following error:

The selected vCenter server does not match the one used in the previous installation

This is because, every vCenter has a vCenter UUID with it. In this case, the vCenter being used was 6.0 and SRM was 6.1.

If you look at the instance.cfg file. It is located under:

Installation directory/VMware/vCenterServer/vmware-vpx/cfg

In this instance.cfg you will have the vCenter UUID.

When SRM is registered to vCenter, this instanceUUid is saved in the SRM database. Now, when the vCenter is reinstalled, you will have a new instanceUuid which does not match the one stored in SRM Database and the installation fails.

So, you will have to manually update the SRM database with this instanceUuid prior to installation.

The table you need to look into SRM is pd_localsite. If you connect to your DB and view this table, you will see something as below. I am using Embedded Postgres for SRM, so the query would be:

select * from pd_localsite;

The output:
 db_id |    mo_id    | ref_count |            name             | vcaddress | vcport | vccertthumbprint |                 uuid                 |                        siteurl                        |            vcinstanceuuid            |    domain    |                                  sucertificate
     1 | DrLocalSite |         1 | vcenter-prod.happycow.local |           |      0 |                  | 0a063f18-a09c-4126-9556-db5bd30c37dd | https://psc-prod.happycow.local:443/lookupservice/sdk | c4c2202e-4acd-4b35-a2da-0947a3429658 | vmware.local | C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware vCenter Site Re
covery Manager\bin\
(1 row)

So the vcinstanceuuid needs to be matching your instanceUuid of instance.cfg 

Once this is done, proceed with the SRM installation and it will work just fine. 


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