Monday, 17 April 2017

VDP - Avmar Migration: Part-2: Configuring Avamar Virtual Edition 7.2

VDP - Avmar Migration: Part-1: Deploying Avamar Virtual Edition 7.2

In part 1 we saw how to deploy and setup the basic Avamar 7.2 machine. In this article, we will have the appliance configured for usage.

Open a browser and type in:

This should bring up the below screen and you can login with root as the user and changeme as the password.

Post the login you will see the below page. Here on the top left corner you will see a lock icon. Click this and enter the password as Supp0rtHarV1.  Once unlocked, click Install to begin the package installation.

The initialization will take a few minutes to complete and once done you will be presented with the below window. Here, you will need to fill all the fields with the red exclamation marks.

Under Server Settings, the Avamar Server Address should be the hostname and select an appropriate time zone.

The number of storage node I will be using is 0, just like how my VDP is setup. A single node server. This is the node you see when you run status.dpn

Fill in the remaining fields and click Continue on the bottom right. This should begin the package installation like seen below:

Once the configuration is complete you will see the below task. At this point, your AVE setup is complete.

Now you can SSH into the AVE machine with admin credentials and run the below command to verify system and service status.

admin@ave:~/>: dpnctl status
Identity added: /home/admin/.ssh/dpnid (/home/admin/.ssh/dpnid)
dpnctl: INFO: gsan status: up
dpnctl: INFO: MCS status: up.
dpnctl: INFO: emt status: up.
dpnctl: INFO: Backup scheduler status: up.
dpnctl: INFO: Maintenance windows scheduler status: suspended.
dpnctl: INFO: Unattended startup status: enabled.
dpnctl: INFO: avinstaller status: up.

admin@ave:~/>: status.dpn
Tue Apr 18 00:49:01 IST 2017  [AVE] Mon Apr 17 19:19:01 2017 UTC (Initialized Mon Apr 17 17:51:04 2017 UTC)
Node   IP Address     Version   State   Runlevel  Srvr+Root+User Dis Suspend Load UsedMB Errlen  %Full   Percent Full and Stripe Status by Disk
0.0   7.2.1-32  ONLINE fullaccess mhpu+0hpu+0hpu   1 false   0.49 5209    33104   0.0%   0%(onl:8  )  0%(onl:8  )  0%(onl:8  )
Srvr+Root+User Modes = migrate + hfswriteable + persistwriteable + useraccntwriteable

System ID: 1492451464@00:50:56:9A:52:F6

All reported states=(ONLINE), runlevels=(fullaccess), modes=(mhpu+0hpu+0hpu)
System-Status: ok
Access-Status: full

Last checkpoint: cp.20170417180550 finished Mon Apr 17 23:36:09 2017 after 00m 19s (OK)
No GC yet
No hfscheck yet

Maintenance windows scheduler capacity profile is active.
  WARNING: Scheduler is WAITING TO START until Wed Apr 19 20:30:00 2017 IST.
  Next backup window start time: Thu Apr 20 20:00:00 2017 IST
  Next maintenance window start time: Thu Apr 20 08:00:00 2017 IST

That should be it with the configuration part. Next, we will look into how to Configure AVE to vCenter Server. 

VDP - Avmar Migration: Part-3: Avamar Client And Configuring To vCenter Server


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