Tuesday, 18 April 2017

VDP - Avmar Migration: Part-3: Avamar Client And Configuring To vCenter Server

VDP - Avmar Migration: Part-2: Configuring Avamar Virtual Edition 7.2

Previously we configured AVE services. Next we need to download the Avamar Client, install it and then configure a vCenter and deploy a proxy. Let's look at this step by step.

Let's start off by downloading the Avamar Client. To get this, go to the below URL:

You should see the below screen:

Click Downloads and you should see the below screen. First download the jre.exe and have it installed on the machine where you plan to run the Avamar Client. Then download AvamarConsoleMultipleWindows.exe

Run the installer, it's a pretty straightforward wizard to follow.

Once the client installation is done, open the Avamar client and you will be presented with the below login screen. The Server would be FQDN or IP of your AVE. The Username would be MCUser and the Password for the same with / Domain.

Once the login is successful, we will see the below Avamar management UI.

Notice there are no backup jobs, hence a red X for Backup Jobs tab. Now, we will have to configure vCenter to the AVE. Click Administration from the management UI and you will see a new window:

The vCenter client, should always be added to the / domain. So select the ave and then click Actions > Account Management and then click New Client.

You will see the following section. Select the Client Type as VMware vCenter. Provide the vCenter FQDN or IP for Client name. For username provide an admin user defined on the vCenter level. Disable vCenter Certificate parameter before performing this. You can find this step in this link here.
Click OK and the vCenter should be registered successfully to the AVE machine.

You will notice the vcenter-prod (my vCenter) under the ave domain added as a client.

Next, you will have to deploy a proxy, without this your migration pre-check will fail. In the same window, click VMware and Proxy Deployment Manager.

Here you can input your required setting and create a recommendation.

Click Apply and then click New Proxy and you will be presented with the below window. Enter a name for the proxy. The domain would be your /vcenter-fqdn/VirtualMachines. Provide an IP for the proxy, datastore and a network. Please note the proxy should be resolvable before performing the deployment. Click Save.

The proxy deployment will begin and you can monitor the progress here as well as the vCenter Recent Tasks pane.

This should be it. Until now, you have deployed AVE ovf, configured it, downloaded the client and configured it to a vCenter and added a proxy.

Next we will look at the migration of data and jobs from VDP to AVE.

VDP - Avmar Migration: Part-4: Migrating Data And Jobs From VDP To Avamar


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