Tuesday, 18 April 2017

VDP - Avmar Migration: Part-4: Migrating Data And Jobs From VDP To Avamar

VDP - Avmar Migration: Part-3: Avamar Client And Configuring To vCenter Server

In this part, we will replicate VDP backup data to Avamar and then migrate the jobs. First, to replicate the data from VDP to Avamar, we create a regular replication job. Let's have a look at this.

Connect to the VDP appliance from the web client and click the Restore tab. To give you a brief overview, here is the restore points for my VM-A

Click the Replication tab and click Replication job actions. and click Create New Replication Job.

You will be presented with the below wizard. I want to replicate my current Image backups, so the first option and click Next.

I will replicate the individual client, and select VM-A and then click Next.

Select which backup schedule you would like to replicate. This is as per your need and then click Next.

Enter the AVE FQDN/IP as the hostname, the port for replication is 29000. The username to be used is repluser and the password for repluser is the one you setup during the Avamar configuration. Click Verify Authentication. Once the connection test is completed successfully, click Next.

Select how frequently you need to replicate. This does not really matter here, because it is going to be one time replication, because post the migration source VDP will be in a unusable state. Click Next.

Select a retention policy for the replicated backup as per your requirement and click Next.

Provide a name to this replication job and then click Next and then Finish the wizard.

Once the job is created, select the job and click Replicate Now to begin the task.

Once the replication is completed, you can see the replicated data in the Avamar end.

You will still notice there is a red X for Backup Jobs as the jobs are not transferred. It is only the VDP backup data that is replicated to Avamar.

Next we will begin migrating the jobs. To do this, open a browser and go to:

Once on this page, click Avamar Migration and click Migrate.

Check the Terms and conditions to proceed further and click Next.

Provide the AVE FQDN, the root credentials would be for Avamar root and not the OS root password. Click Verify Authentication.

Once the authentication succeeds, click OK and then click Next.

You can select the backup jobs you need to migrate here. 

You can switch the tab to Backup Verification and select the required verification jobs and then click Next.

A validation will be performed and if everything is successful, click Next.

You will be prompted for migration. Click Yes to begin the migration.

You can then monitor the migration progress.

Then you can review the migration status. Click Close.

Now the status is, Jobs have been migrated and the appliance is disabled.

The same is seen in the VDP page in web client as well.

On the Avamar end, you can see the jobs have now been migrated successfully.

So, in the end, the VDP would be used only for performing restore operations with the existing data. And once new valid backups are performed by Avamar, you can discard VDP completely.

Hope this series was helpful. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


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