Friday, 14 April 2017

VDP Configure Page Reports - Server Is Still Starting

You might sometimes restart your appliance and you will be presented with the message:

The server is still starting. Depending on the configuration, this could take up to 25 minutes. Try again later.

No matter, how many times you try to login you will run into the same message.

Again, if you look at the vdr-configure.log, you will notice the following:

2017-04-15 05:44:49,242 INFO  [http-nio-8543-exec-3]-services.LoginService: Login service called with action: [login]
2017-04-15 05:44:49,243 INFO  [http-nio-8543-exec-3]-services.LoginService: Checking if the server is in a running state...
2017-04-15 05:44:49,243 INFO  [http-nio-8543-exec-3]-services.LoginService: Server is not running
2017-04-15 05:45:06,592 WARN  [pool-21-thread-1]-backupagent.BackupAgentUpdaterImpl: No proxy-clients are available.

This does not really help much to understand that what is going on.The cause here is due to missing .av_sys_state_marker_running file. I guess this file records the state of the VDP appliance. If this file goes missing, the server is unable to determine the state, which is why vdr throws up "Server is not running" in the logs. 

The file is located under /usr/local/avamar/var

Go to this directory and recreate this file using:
# touch .av_sys_state_marker_running

Post this, refresh the vdp-configure page and you should have access.


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