Friday, 19 May 2017

Shell Script To Monitor vSphere Data Protection 6.x Health Status

If you have issues with your VDP service / system functionality and would like a quick overview of how your maintenance services are doing, then look no further, for here is a script.

This script does the following task:

1. Check the core, maintenance, scheduler and management services of VDP
2. Check for VDP System Status
3. Provide an overview of VDP server information
4. Perform checks for Checkpoint, Garbage Collection and HFS check
5. Display storage information
6. Provide client information
7. Perform vCenter port and connectivity tests
8. (Optional) Generate log bundle for VMware Support
9. (Optional) email the report output for VMware Support.

The script zipped file can be downloaded from here along with read me. Please go through the read me file before running the script. Do not run the script as root, for you shall not pass!!

Script download:



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