Thursday, 1 June 2017

Bash Script To Extend Retention/Expiry Date Of A Restore Point In vSphere Data Protection 6.x

When you create a backup job, you get an option to specify how long should the backed up data be retained in the VDP appliance. Once the client is backed up, changing this expiry date is quite a challenge. You can use the below available script to perform this task.

Note that retention can be only increased using this script and cannot be decreased.

1. Place the script in /root folder of VDP and run the script while the Run User is "root"
2. Provide execute permissions to this script
# chmod +x
3. Run the script as ./retention-extend

Test the script on a few test VMs and when comfortable you can move on to the remaining VMs. Please note, the script is not from VMware and is self developed. Run this at your own risk. (Should not affect anything on the appliance, but still. always a disclaimer!)

Download the script from:

View the source code:

Hope this helps.


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