Monday, 19 June 2017

Unable To Configure ESXi Syslog In Log Insight 4.x: Details: Client received SOAP Fault from server

When you try to configure syslog for ESXi host under /admin > vSphere (Integration) you might run into the below error:

Syslog configuration failed. See for manual configuration. (Details: Client received SOAP Fault from server: A general system error occurred: Internal error Please see the server log to find more detail regarding exact cause of the failure)

If you look at the ESXi host syslog field, under host > Configuration > Advanced Settings > Syslog you will notice either this field is empty or incorrectly configured. Populate it with the IP of your log insight machine, should look something like below. Click OK to save the settings.

If it is udp, it should be:

For tcp it should be:

Save the settings, also make sure syslog Firewall is open under Security Profile. Once confirmed, you can then proceed to reconfigure the syslog via Log Insight and it should not complete successfully.

You should be then able to view events under your Log Insight Dashboards.

Hope this helps!


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