Friday, 7 July 2017

Bash Script For Backup Details.

Earlier, I had written a script to count number of backups for each client in VDP. This was a very basic script and you can access it from the below link:

I have added couple of more features to this script to make it more readable and more insightful.
The script along with counting number of backups, it tells about the size of the VM, the Type of OS, Is it a partial backup and also tells if the backup is on local VDP storage or a data domain. Along with this, the previous script did not account the option of Agent level backups. This script will take care of the agent level backup count as well.

Currently, I am setting up a replication, so the /REPLICATE domain can be included to count number of replicated restore points.

Edit: Change-log:
Added Feature of Listing Replicated backup (1-1 Replication only. Many to 1 or 1 to Many is not tested. You are welcome to test and report me with the working of it)
Added Feature of differentiating between backup and replication.
Added Feature of displaying last backup date for client.

The Complete Script can be accessed from my repository below:

The output would be similar to the below:

I will update the change log here.
You can run this script in a production environment. It will not make any changes to the system. Make sure you provide execute permissions before you run it. Of course!

Hope this helps.


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