Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Bash Script To Export VDP Backup Job Details

So you can use this script to export your current backup and replication job configurations to a text file and save it to your local desktop. In case if you run into any redeployment situation and you are unaware of the backup configuration, you can have a look at the exported text file.

The script exports, Job Name, State of the job, Clients in the job, Schedule, Retention and the type.
It currently does not export agent level backup jobs such as SQL, Exchange and Share-point.

The script needs the MCS service to be up as it relies on that. I am planning to export details from psql which can be used even when MCS is down.

This is what I have for right now. The script can be accessed from the below link:

Suggestions and bugs are always welcome. Drop a comment for anything.

Hope this helps!


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