Wednesday, 8 November 2017

VDP Expired Certificate

There has been a lot of issues going on around the VDP deployment due to an expired certificate issued to the OVF template.

Basically, if you are running vCenter 6.5. then the web client is the only option to deploy the OVA files. And you cannot move past the section where it displays the certificate section as expired. If you are using pre 6.5 vCenter, then you can deploy this through the Windows C# client. Even though it says "Invalid" certificate, you can still click Next and proceed further.

If you are on 6.5, then the workaround is this:
1. Download the required version of VDP Server. All of them have their certificates expired around September.
2. Use a 7-zip utility to extract the OVA template. This will give you 4 files. The VMDK, OVF, MF and the CER.
3. In web client, when you deploy OVA, you can multi select the files. So select the 3 files (vmdk, ovf and mf) excluding the .cer file
4. This then displays No Certificate during the deployment and let's you proceed further.

This certificate is signed just for the OVA template and not for any particular port / service for the VDP itself.

EMC is currently working to update the certificate information for these templates. Hope this helps!


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