Thursday, 25 January 2018

VDP Restore Fails: Virtual Machine Must Be Powered Off To Restore

There are few cases where you try to perform an in place restore of a virtual machine and it fails and complains the virtual machine is not powered off. The virtual machine is indeed powered off, however, the VDP does not understand this. You will see something like:

There might be two possible causes.

1. The MCS cache might not be updated with the power state.
Run the below command:
# mccli vmcache show --name=/vc-domain-name/VirtualMachines/<vm-name> | grep -i "power status"

Example command:
# mccli vmcache show --name=/cartman.southpark.local/VirtualMachines/Test-1 | grep -i "power status"

The output you should ideally see on a powered off VM is:
Power Status         poweredOff

In the above case, you might see:
Power Status         poweredOn

If this is the issue, then update the MCS VM cache by issuing the below command:
# mccli vmcache sync --name=/vc-domain-name/VirtualMachines/<vm-name>

Example command:
# mccli vmcache sync --name=/cartman.southpark.local/VirtualMachines/Test-1

Then the power state should be updated and the in place restore should work. 

2. The MCS cache might be updated but the tomcat is out of sync with MCS. 

In many cases the MCS and tomcat don't sync together. Due to this, the CLI will show one set of results and the GUI will say otherwise. To sync them up simply restart the tomcat service by issuing:
# --restart

Note that post restarting the tomcat service, it will take a while to connect the appliance back in the web client as it has to rebuild the cache. 
If you tail the vdr-server.log located under /usr/local/avamar/var/vdr/server_logs/vdr-server.log then once you see the below logging, it would indicate the connection has completed successfully:

2018-01-25 09:05:57,566 INFO  [Timer_PhoneHomeCollect]-schedule.PhonehomeCollectTask: Writing Phome data to location  /usr/local/avamar/var/vdr/phonehome/vdp_state
2018-01-25 09:05:57,567 INFO  [Timer_PhoneHomeCollect]-schedule.PhonehomeCollectTask: Writing Phome data to location  /usr/local/avamar/var/vdr/phonehome/vdp_state

The restore should then work successfully. 

If it still continues to fail, then try performing a restore to a different location as a workaround. 

Hope this helps!


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