Thursday, 8 February 2018

VDP Expired MCSSL, Reports 7778, 7779, 7780, 7781, 9443 As Vulnerable In Nessus Scan

In one of my case, there was a report that 7778, 7779, 7780, 7781, 9443 where reported as vulnerable on VDP 6.1.6. All these are MCS java based ports and you can confirm them by running:
# netstat -nlp | grep <enter-port>

To check your MCS SSL validity perform the below commands:
# /usr/java/default/bin/keytool -list -keystore /usr/local/avamar/lib/rmi_ssl_keystore -storepass changeme

The output:

Keystore type: JKS
Keystore provider: SUN

Your keystore contains 2 entries

mcssl, Feb 1, 2008, PrivateKeyEntry,
Certificate fingerprint (SHA1): F1:61:A7:FE:36:A9:E9:7E:DB:92:AE:89:05:52:13:B6:3C:FA:55:A7
vcenterrootca, Jan 8, 2018, trustedCertEntry,
Certificate fingerprint (SHA1): F0:46:B4:00:B8:52:24:6E:A2:94:6B:17:CE:83:23:49:54:9A:3A:49

Then export the cert to root directory:
# /usr/java/default/bin/keytool -exportcert -v -alias mcssl -keystore /usr/local/avamar/lib/rmi_ssl_keystore -storepass changeme -file /root/mcssl.cer -rfc

The output:
Certificate stored in file </root/mcssl.cer>

Then read the certificate:
# /usr/java/default/bin/keytool -printcert -v -file /root/mcssl.cer

The output:

Owner: CN=Administrator, OU=Avamar, O=EMC, L=Irvine, ST=California, C=US
Issuer: CN=Administrator, OU=Avamar, O=EMC, L=Irvine, ST=California, C=US
Serial number: 47a25760
Valid from: Fri Feb 01 00:18:56 CET 2008 until: Mon Jan 29 00:18:56 CET 2018
Certificate fingerprints:
MD5: 61:42:FC:CD:FC:CB:6E:59:CC:48:5E:D9:71:05:F0:B4
SHA1: F1:61:A7:FE:36:A9:E9:7E:DB:92:AE:89:05:52:13:B6:3C:FA:55:A7
SHA256: B4:E6:71:77:58:9B:58:64:E2:F7:3A:A0:2A:07:F8:7B:2E:CA:1B:22:2B:C3:98:A8:90:F8:D8:7A:8E:0A:EE:F9
Signature algorithm name: SHA1withDSA
Version: 1

Due to this expired cert, the java ports are vulnerable. To fix this, you will have to regenerate the certs. The process would be:

1. Backup existing keystore:
# cp /usr/local/avamar/lib/rmi_ssl_keystore ~root/rmi_ssl_keystore_backup-`date -I`

2. Regenerate the mcssl:
# /usr/java/latest/bin/keytool -genkeypair -v -alias mcssl -keyalg RSA -sigalg SHA256withRSA -keystore /usr/local/avamar/lib/rmi_ssl_keystore -storepass changeme -keypass changeme -validity 3650 -dname "CN=`hostname -f`, OU=Avamar, O=EMC, L=Irvine, S=California, C=US" -keysize 2048

Generates a SHA256 SSL which is valid for 10 years. 

3. Update the permissions on the rmi_ssl_keystore
# chmod 444 /usr/local/avamar/lib/rmi_ssl_keystore

4. Update owners for the keystore:
# chown root:admin /usr/local/avamar/lib/rmi_ssl_keystore

5. Switch to admin mode and restart MCS:
# --stop 
# --start --verbose

6. Verify all vCenter Connections are OK:
# mccli server show-services

That should be it. Now when you re-run the scan these ports are no longer vulnerable. 

Hope this helps!


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