Friday, 20 April 2018

Upgrading vCenter Appliance From 6.5 to 6.7

So as you know, vSphere 6.7 is now GA and this article will speak about upgrading an embedded PSC deployment of 6.5 vCenter appliance to 6.7. Once you download the 6.7 VCSA ISO installer
mount the ISO on a local windows machine and then you can use the ui installer for windows to begin the upgrade phase.

You will be presented with the below choices:

We will be going with the Upgrade option. The upgrade is going to be like the earlier path wherein the process will deploy a new 6.7 VCSA and perform a data and configuration migration from the older 6.5 appliance and then power down the old server when the upgrade is successful.

Accept the EULA to proceed further.

In the next step we will connect to the source appliance so provide in the IP/FQDN of the source 6.5 vCenter server.

Once the Connect To Source goes through you will then be asked to enter the SSO details and the ESX details where the 6.5 vCSA is running.

Then the next step is to provide information about the target appliance, the 6.7 appliance. You will select the ESX where the target appliance should be deployed.

Then provide the inventory display name for the target vCenter 6.7 along with the a root password.

Select the appliance deployment size for the target server. Make sure this matches or is greater than the source 6.7 server.

Then select the datastore where the target appliance should reside.

Next, we will provide a set of temporary network details for the 6.7 appliance. The appliance will inherit the old 6.5 network configuration post a successful migration.

Review the details and Finish the begin the Stage 1 deployment process.

Once the Stage 1 is done, you can Continue to proceed further with the Stage 2

In the Stage 2 we will be performing a data copy from the source vCenter appliance to the deployed target from Stage 1

Provide in the details to connect to the source vCenter server.

Select the type of data to be copied over to the destination vCenter server. In my case, I just want to migrate the configuration data.

Join the CEIP and proceed further

Review the details and Finish to begin the data copy.

The source vCenter will be shutdown post the data copy.

The data migration will take a while to complete and is in 3 stages.

And that's it. If all goes well, the migration is complete and you can access your new vCenter from the URL.

Hope this helps.


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